Monday, February 14, 2011

Giving Children the Tools to Thrive at School - Mind Mapping

Here at Muritai School we are passionate about and committed to giving all our students the chance to be the best that they can be. For some children, especially those who struggle with basic literacy skills, school can be a frustrating and draining place to be.

Muritai School has recently become the first 4D Best Practice school in New Zealand. This means that all our classrooms are dyslexia friendly and that teachers are presenting learning opportunities in a variety of ways that is inclusive to all.

Each term we have a different focus which supports Dyslexia Best Practice but at the same time offers something to all students. This term our focus is on teaching all students how to mind map. 

Mind mapping is a term coined by Tony Buzan, an author and educational consultant. Although it was Buzan who first used the term and set out his 'Laws of Mind Mapping', he himself was building on a lineage of using patterns, pictures, colour and association, that stretches back thousands of years. 

Mind mapping can offer children a different way of getting their ideas down onto paper. It can be used for any subject or concept and at any ability level or age. 
Taught properly, mind mapping can provide a lifeline to those children who really struggle at school.

Take a look at the video below to hear Tony Buzan explain more about this technique and the benefits that it can offer and don't forget to pop back into the Learning Den again soon to see some examples of Muritai mind mapping.

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