Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bob and Ernie's Learning Journey!

Meet Bob and Ernie!

 Bob and Ernie have just moved into the Learning Den and can't wait to start their learning journey along with all of the other awesome kids that come here.

 Bob and Ernie were created by the very talented Mrs Chao in Room 11. They are made from socks, buttons and wool and are the perfect way to demonstrate what wonderful results can be achieved by making the best of what we have got!

This is Bob. Bob is small and cheeky and very creative. He has some fantastic ideas but often has a bit of trouble writing them down. Bob loves to chat and talks to his friend Ernie for ages about all his wonderful ideas for inventions and how he wants to be famous when he grows up.
Bob has a pet dog called Arthur and he is his second best friend after Ernie.

This is Ernie. Ernie is quite tall and people often think that he is older than Bob but they are the same age! Ernie finds it quite hard to come up with exciting ideas for stories and sometimes gets in a muddle but Bob often helps him out. Ernie is good at reading and writing so he gives Bob a hand when he gets stuck. Ernie is a bit quiet and shy but he shares all his dreams with Bob. One day Ernie wants to be a doctor.

Today Bob and Ernie have been learning all about using Mind Maps. Mind Maps are a great way to get your ideas down on paper without having to write too much. You can use lots of colour and pictures, they are fantastic!

Follow Bob and Ernie on their Learning Journey! They will be a regular feature on The Learning Den, sharing what we have been up to and some cool top tips!


  1. Well done Bob and Ernie on a fantastic start to Mind Mapping.
    Mrs Skilton :)

  2. Bob and Ernie are very cool dudes.We have Devon Eleven in our room. We are going to be learning about mind maps too. We are wondering how old you are Bob and Ernie. Maybe we could visit you sometime.We hope your dreams come true.
    Love Room 11