Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One Word can spark reluctant writers

Free association writing is one way to spark reluctant students who get bogged down in the process of needing to write exactly what the teacher expects them to write. This trepidation often stops young writers from even starting a piece. One Word is a website that might offer  interesting ways to get kids writing without worrying about their writing being marked or even being read by anyone, if that is their wish. One Word gives you a single word — potato, for example — and provides you with a visual timer to write whatever comes to your mind in 60 seconds.
The use of an unexpected word with no real context, and a blank space with no marking pressure, might lead to some interesting stories, poems and other compositions. The site then gives you the option of submitting your writing to its archives. It also provides a phone number to call and read your writing — One Word collects the audio submissions and creates a podcast of submissions.

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