Thursday, June 3, 2010

Self Evaluation Traffic Lights Fans

Using traffic light fans in the classroom is a great way for teachers to see at a glance if their teaching is working! When asked if they have understood an idea or a concept all children can find the colour on their traffic light fan that corresponds to their understanding and hold it up.

 - If all hands show green, great! Maybe add a little something extra if everyone has grasped what you have said or ask some questions to expand their understanding.

 - If there are quite a few amber lights perhaps a student holding up a green light could go over the concept to the whole class  for the benefit of the amber lights who are not 100% sure yet.

 -If all are holding up a red light, perhaps a new approach is required to get the idea across! If just a few red lights can be seen, pair those lights with a green light to talk it over or work with the red lights as a small group when work has started.

Teachers can use a traffic light fan themselves to model that it is fine to hold up a red light when you are not sure about something. Some teacher judgement will be needed sometimes as to whether amber really means red.

These traffic lights can also be put onto three boxes that children can place their work into to be marked at the end of a task. It is a good way for teachers to compare a students self-evaluation of their efforts with that of their own evaluation. It can inform the marking process and give teachers a good understanding of a students level of confidence and self esteem in certain areas.

You can click here to get a printable copy of the
traffic lights. Print, laminate, cut out, punch a hole and 
connect lights with split pins....  

Let self evaluation commence!


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