Sunday, March 21, 2010

Two stars and a wish!

Using 2 stars and a wish is a great way of marking work for children across all the age ranges. These marking sheets would be particularly useful for junior and middle syndicate children and can be found here.

The strategy of ‘Two stars and a wish’ aims to encourage the children to reflect on their own and each other’s learning. It promotes peer assessment as well as being a useful marking tool for teachers to adopt. The ‘two stars’ in the strategy form the positive feedback on a piece of work and the ‘wish’ indicates where development could be made. Children can assess their own work by giving themselves ‘stars’ and ‘wishes’ or they can give feedback on another child’s work. The strategy is flexible and allows the children to sometimes give only one star or no wish. It is a great way for teachers to make their marking accessible to their children and is a simple way to give positive feedback and constructive comments for improvement. 
For a child that struggles with writing the format below could be one to use with a buddy or during conferencing time with the teacher.


  1. Very cute page and I love the ideas and printables. Where does 2 stars and a wish come from? I have heard about it out here in California, but it seems to be a UK thing. Any books or web pages you can recommend that defines the process a little more?

  2. Glad you liked the post!
    This link mentions two stars and a wish also and has some other great ideas too:-