Sunday, February 21, 2010

Little Chatterboxes

Getting kids to talk about something is a great way to engage them when embarking upon something new or different. Even better is to ask them to talk about something they can see.

In the Learning Den we are 'growing' a wall of Little Chatterboxes. These are just empty mint tins that have been sprayed blue and had a button stuck onto them so we can tell them apart from each other. Inside there is something curious, familiar or funny.

When the children have chosen a box from our collection they take a peek inside and guess what it might be before they take it out. When they take it out we have a chat about what the thing is or what it could be used for, how it works or how it is made. The chatterboxes are often a great starting point for some spelling work or story writing. Try it at home, it's really good fun!

If you have any empty eclipse mint boxes or curious little items that you wouldn't mind donating to the Learning Den we would love to add them to our collection! Thanks, Mrs R.

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